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Chartering fraud

22 August 2017

BIMCO is aware that fraudsters, previously mainly trying to trick owners into paying large amounts by way of “liner in costs”, have expanded their “business” into time charter. Owners should be vigilant and at all times ensure they know their counterpart.

Sanctions Clause for box lines takes pragmatic approach

26 February 2020

Many container operators use charter party trade limits as a sanctions management tool when operating liner services between non-sanctioned countries. To provide an alternative contractual solution and to proactively address the current trend to impose sanctions on the shipping industry, BIMCO is currently developing a sanctions clause specifically designed for time chartering container ships.

FONASBA Sub Agency Agreement

20 September 2016

The Sub-Agency Agreement was published by FONASBA (the Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents) and approved by BIMCO in1998. It is a contract for the appointment by a general agent of a sub-agent on behalf of a liner principal. The current edition of this contract is FONASBA Sub-Agency Agreement, issued in 1998.