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Helping to keep the ocean plastic free- BIMCO joins GloLitter Partnership Projects to help prevent and reduce marine litter from shipping

05 May 2022

Key to reducing plastics in the ocean is working together- collaborating both within our sector and wider. That is why we are delighted to join the GloLitter Partnerships Project as a strategic partner. A ssisting developing countries to prevent and reduce marine plastic litter from maritime transport and identifying opportunities for the reduction of plastic uses in shipping are shared ambitions – vital for supporting the long-term health of our ocean.

Shipping industry should brace for underwater regulation

03 November 2020

As the world’s seas and oceans become noisier, with little doubt that low levels of continuous noise can seriously impact the health of marine species, it is ever more likely that the shipping industry will have to get used to noise-reduction requirements and new regulations.

New report on the state of maritime piracy in 2013

02 May 2014

In line with previous years, BIMCO continue to work with Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) in their effort to uncover the economic and human costs of piracy. With this year’s report, “The State of Maritime Piracy 2013” BIMCO has once again been asked to audit the methodologies and calculations used in the report.

BIMCO releases the Holiday Calendar 2023 Supplement

25 January 2023

Indian culture is incredibly diverse, and the 1.4 billion inhabitants of the country observe a variety of religions and come from hundreds of different ethnicities. These are among the reasons why the regulation of holidays is a matter delegated to individual states, while the federal government has declared only three secular holidays which are to be observed universally by all Indian establishments.