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Newbuilding contracts should require use of Shipdex

21 December 2018

BIMCO and MAN Energy Solutions hosted a conference for software suppliers delivering Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to expand the use of Shipdex. Shipdex is the standard protocol for exchanging technical data - such as manuals – electronically between supplier and ships directly, cutting the need for huge stacks of - often outdated - paper manuals.

COVID-19 and its consequences on shipbuilding contracts

03 March 2020

The spread of the COVID-19 virus is causing significant issues in the shipbuilding industry, but English law has no general concept of force majeure, and this is a key factor in the relationship between shipyards and shipowners.

Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts

23 May 2022

Refund guarantees are an integral part of a shipbuilding project. Whilst they are not part of the shipbuilding contract as such, it is unlikely that any ship building contract would be signed if there was no such guarantee for the buyer. The refund guarantee is often regarded as the “financial cornerstone” of a shipbuilding project. Copyright in the BIMCO Refund Guarantee for Shipbuilding Contracts is held by BIMCO.