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Blank Back Form of Liner Bill of Lading 2016

30 January 2023

The Blank Back Form of Liner Bill of Lading is a bill of lading with no pre-printed terms and conditions on its backside. Instead, the relationship between the carrier and the shipper should be governed by the carrier’s standard conditions of carriage. If the carrier does not have any standard conditions of carriage, then this bill of lading will be subject to the terms and conditions of the CONLINEBILL bill of lading which was in force on the date when the Blank Back Form of Liner Bill of Lading was issued. The latest edition of this bill of lading is Blank Back Form of Liner Bill of Lading 2016. This amended edition has an updated layout and signature box. Copyright in Blank Back Form of Liner Bill of Lading 2016 is held by BIMCO.

P&I Clubs add their support for Electronic Bills of Lading Campaign

10 May 2023

Support for BIMCO’s 25 by 25 Campaign to accelerate the adoption of electronic bills of lading in the bulk sector has received a boost from three leading P&I Clubs. We are delighted that the UK Club, the West and the NorthStandard have all added their backing to the initiative. BIMCO looks forward to welcoming the support of other P&I Clubs soon.

Major boost for electronic bills of lading as liner companies pledge 100% adoption by 2030

17 February 2023

FIT Alliance member DCSA has announced that the CEOs of nine of the world's largest liner companies have pledged 100% adoption of eBLs by 2030. This significant commitment by these liner companies, the majority of whom are BIMCO members, sends a strong signal to the shipping community that the switch to eBLs is now a priority. The FIT Alliance is BIMCO, DCSA, ICC, FIATA and SWIFT. The Alliance collaborates on the development and adoption of relevant standards to facilitate the use of electronic bills of lading.