The March issue of the Bulletin magazine is out

The March issue of the Bulletin magazine is out



Get the latest insight and interviews in the March edition of BIMCO’s Bulletin magazine.

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Are you violating sanctions?
Can you ever be certain you are not violating sanctions? As sanctions are growing in popularity as a political tool, the escalation in the use of sanctions puts increasing pressure on the shipping industry. For the container shipping sector in particular, the challenges of staying on the safe side are enormous.

The consequences of violating sanctions
With sanctions on the rise, shipowners and operators face a tough task when it comes to ensuring they do not enter into business with a person or company subject to sanctions. The consequences of getting it wrong – from financial penalties to designation – can be devastating.

The hunt for data: from Formula 1 cars to vessels
Can an LNG or tanker vessel operate as efficiently as a Ferrari Formula 1 racing car or an aeroplane? Shell’s Grahaeme Henderson believes they can. Studying the world of Formula 1 and the airline industry, Shell now records and analyses hundreds of datapoints per second per vessel in a bid to manage every molecule as efficiently as possible.

The Executive Interview
Kishore Rajvanshy: The biggest challenge in 2020 is piracy

In each issue, the Bulletin interviews a shipping executive. In this edition, Kishore Rajvanshy, Managing Director of Fleet Management Limited, talks about the stressful piracy threat and his personal journey from the Thar desert region to Hong Kong.

In addition, read the latest market analysis from BIMCO’s Shipping Market Analysts, read why BIMCO’s Deputy Secretary General, Lars Robert Pedersen, asks whether VLSFOs really are that bad for the climate, why shipping will face tough competition in the decarbonisation race and the interview with WISTA’s President, Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou, and much more.

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Mette Kronholm Frænde
in Copenhagen, DK


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