To accompany ASBAGASVOY, a freestanding bill of lading form, ASBAGASBILL, has been developed on the basis of CONGENBILL 2016, BIMCO’s standard bill of lading for shipments under GENCON.

Copyright in ASBAGASBILL is held by ASBA.


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Explanatory notes

The bill of lading includes the protective clauses in subclause 20(b) of ASBAGASVOY and the International Group of P&I Clubs/BIMCO Himalaya Clause for Bills of Lading and contracts 2014.

Page 1 of ASBAGASBILL deviates from CONGENBILL 2016 in two places. Firstly, the place and date of signing have been moved to the signature box. Secondly, letters of credit will refer to a “bill of lading date” which in the commodity trade is considered to be the date where the last cargo is shipped on board. So, to avoid disputes about which date is the bill of lading date, the appropriate box has been amended to read “Bill of Lading date (Date shipped on board)”.


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