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SYNACOMEX 2023 is a grain voyage charter party. It was originally drafted by the French Union for Grain and Seeds Trade (Syndicat National du Commerce Extérieur des grains et graines oléagineuses – SYNACOMEX) and the French Shipowners’ Association (Armateurs de France), with the assistance of the Ma... Please follow the link to continue reading.

SYNACOMEX 2023 ready for use

The 2023 version of the Continent Grain Charter Party, SYNACOMEX, approved by BIMCO and developed in collaboration with SYNACOMEX and Armateurs de France, is now available on SmartCon and the BIMCO website, accompanied by explanatory notes.

Explanatory notes

Background Explanatory Notes Structure Clause 1. Owners, Charterers, Vessel Clause 2. Charterers’ Loading Port(s), Cargo Clause 3. Discha... Please follow the link to continue reading.

What’s on the agenda at the upcoming BIMCO Documentary Committee meeting

The BIMCO Documentary Committee (DC) is convening on 11 October to discuss and potentially adopt six crucial projects, including the CII Clause for Voyage Charter Parties, Ship Sales Further Trading Clause, ETS Allowances (ETS) Clause for SHIPMAN, Quiet Enjoyment Letters, SYNACOMEX, and WRECKSTAGE.

BIMCO's Documentary Committee met on 20 April

On 20 April, BIMCO's Documentary Committee held its spring meeting at BIMCO House in Copenhagen to consider ongoing projects and discuss strategy on the association's contractual work.