Fake invoices and BIMCO bank details


Warning: Phishing emails pretending to be BIMCO invoices. See examples of a fake and a genuine BIMCO  invoice.

BIMCO has recently become aware of some spear phishing emails that are directly targeting some of our members and customers, pretending to be BIMCO invoices. These emails are not from BIMCO and are an attempt to trick you into providing your personal or financial information. Please be vigilant and do not open any attachments, click on any links or reply to these emails. If you receive such an email, please report it as phishing/spam to your email provider.

Some elements of the fake emails that you should look out for are:

  • They do not come from a BIMCO email address, but from a different domain such as @bimco-invoice.com or @bimco-payment.com or @outlook.com
  • They ask you to pay your membership fee or SmartCon invoice by a different method than usual
  • They contain spelling or grammatical errors, or use a different tone or style than our usual communications
  • The bank details are not for our bank in Denmark (Danske Bank), which have not changed for many years.

Genuine invoices from BIMCO are issued either by BIMCO or by BIMCO Informatique A/S, depending on what is being invoiced.

Fake BIMCO invoice

Fake BIMCO Invoice


Correct BIMCO invoice for SmartCon


If you have any questions or concerns or receive a fake invoice, please contact BIMCO at membership@bimco.org