Vessels calling at the Ras Isa Terminal shall advise the Marine Terminal of their estimated time of arrival (ETA) upon departure from the last port or, if at sea, as soon as orders are received to proceed to the Marine Terminal. ETA shall be repeated to the Marine Terminal and to the Port Authority of the Port of Hodeidah 72, 48 and 24 hours in advance of arrival via:

- Ras isa Terminal - Inmarsat Telex 0581 1473102 - Email:  

- YHOC Marine, Hodeidah - Fax: 967-3 208144 - Email:  

- Hodeidah Port Authority - Fax: 967-3-211561 - Email:  

and shall call the Marine Terminal on VHF Channel 74 when within range.

A vessel wishing to call the Marine Terminal that has received damage and/or is leaking oil must include details of same in the ETA advice so that the vessel can be inspected by a Marine Terminal Representative before entering the Marine Terminal Area.


Prior to arrival the pilot ladder should be ready on the starboard side for berthing master boarding, as well the port boom (SWL with minimum capacity of 15 tons) rigged for 16'' hoses handling.

The vessel shall also confirm that the inert gas system is in good working condition, maintaining O2 content less than 8 per cent by volume in cargo tanks.

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