Transit: Only vessels inbound or outbound from Limetree Bay may use or be present in the Limetree Bay approach area. No vessel shall enter Limetree Bay except for the purpose of using the facilities located therein and then only in compliance with the directions of the marine manager.
Ballast draughts: The following ballast draughts are recommended to ensure vessels are trimmed effectively for manoeuvring. These guidelines will be adjusted as weather and vessel handling characteristics dictate. Advice concerning any variance will be provided to the vessel by the pilot in ample time to prevent any unnecessary delays to the vessel's ballasting.

Vessel DWTForward
Under 30,0003.04.8
30,000 to 50,0003.65.4
50,000-to 70,0004.56.4
70,000 to 100,0005.47.3
100,000 to 150,0008.59.7
150,000 to 200,0009.710.9
Over 200,00012.1 12.1

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