The port has many piers and wharves, situated along both banks of the river. About one third of the wharves have depth of and over 12.2 m (40') alongside. Some of the principal and most modern are:


McDuffie Coal Terminal, 3 berths. No. 3 length of 1,000 feet w- 2 ship unloaders equipped with buckets to unload coal and No. 2 with dolphins, total length 320.0 m. No. 1 length 170.0 m and depth alongside the berth is 45'.


Mobile Container Terminal, at Berth 2, provides 305.0 m berthing space with 12.2 m (40') depth alongside. Further there are 28 berths for general cargo.

Pinto Terminal, terminal layout consists of a 45-foot-draft, 1,050-foot-long ship berth, a slab storage yard, and barge handling slip positioned between the ship’s berth and shore-side storage yard.

Three - Mile Creek: The Bulk Handling Plant at the S side. The plant has two (2) deep water berths that can accommodate some of the largest carriers in the world.

Theodore Industrial Park Harbour, at the W shore of the bay about 10 miles S of Mobile City, consists of a rectangular basin with a 6 mile long approach channel, dredged to 12.2 m (40'), branching NW from the main channel, 15 mile N of Mobile Point. A public bulk liquid dock is available.

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