Notice of ETA, draft, freeboard and reason for call are required 48 hours in advance. Confirmation 24 and 2 hours before arrival. For vessels arriving Saturday, Sunday, Monday the ETA-message must be received not later than Friday midday.


Conditions For Arrival of Vessels at the Coal Berths

Vessels loading at Richards Bay Coal Terminal Company Ltd. (RBCT) shall comply with the following:

a) pilot ladders shall be placed at the location of midships and stern draught marks on the offshore side of the vessel, and the Master shall ensure that a safety harness and line is provided for the surveyor's use;

b) prior to berthing and after berthing, pilots are conveyed to and from vessels mostly by helicopter, but in some instances by launch, always at Portnet's discretion;

c) vessels shall not be trimmed excessively and shall never be trimmed more than the maximum trim allowed for in the ballast tank calibration tables;

d) draught marks should be legible at all times;

e) vessels shall be loaded according to "International Load Line Regulations";

f) vessels shall possess trim correction tables for all tanks, failing which all ballast tanks shall be either full or empty during the draught survey;

g) vessels which have previously carried petroleum products shall have obtained a gas free certificate from a consulting chemical engineer prior to tendering Notice of Readiness.

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