Fresh water: Fresh water available by pipeline at all berths.
Bunkering: HFO (maximum 150 Cst) is available at Berths 13, 14 and at the Tanker Berth. ADO (automotive diesel oil) is available at Dom Pedro Quay, Berths 13, 14 and at any commercial berth by means of bulk road tanker, but not at the Tanker Berth. No blending fuels are available. The HFO has a pumping rate of 200tph and ADO 50,000 litre/ph.
Stores: Available from ship chandlers.
Offshore Bunkers: Provision permission has been granted to Aegean Marine Petroleum to start STS bunker operations in Algoa Bay, starting in the spring of 2014. The company propose to use a storage tanker and smaller bunker vessels.

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