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Graving Docks:

Sturrock (Emptying time 4 hours):Dimensions
Overall docking length360.0
Length on keel blocks338.3
Length on bottom (dock floor)350.4
Width of coping47.5
Width of entrance top45.1
Max width at bottom38.4
Max Beam38m
Depth on entrance sill (HWOST)13.7
Depth on inner sill15.1
Cranes: There are 3 cranes available as follows: 1 x 50t, 4 x 4t. The dock can be emptied in four hours.
Robinson (Graving Dock):Dimensions
Overall docking length161.2
Length to keel blocks142.6
Width at coping 27.4
Width at entrance top 20.7
Max width at bottom 17.2
Depth at sills (HWOST) 7.9

Cranes: There are 2 x 15t. The dock can be emptied in three hours.
Note that the drydocks are under almost continuous use and owners should order them as far in advance as possible.
The Administration will not bind itself to absolute fixed dates and reserves the right at all times to assign the drydocks in accordance with what is considered "general port convenience". However, as a general rule, stems are honoured in order of date booking.
Synchro: A synchrolift is also available with a capacity of 1,778t and space to accommodate three vessels each of 61m in length or five vessels with a length of 30-49m.

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