An approach light buoy marked LM is moored two miles SW of Punta Ola Grande. A 640 m long dredged channel, marked by lights, light buoys and a pair of leading lights in line bearing 025 deg., leads to the turning basin (diameter 335 m) S of the pier head.

The channel is dredged to a depth of 12.2 m (40') MLW over a width of 275 m at the outer end to 75 m in the N half.

Local Government Regulations require that vessel's inbound remain at least one mile South of the (L M) Lima Mike Buoy, until they have a pilot onboard.

It is recommended that vessels that do not have the local chart on board remain adrift until they can contact the local pilots for advice, these vessels should not get eny closer than three miles from the Lima Mike Buoy.

Entry and departure in daylight only.

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