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Extract of Philippines Ports Authority Administrative order Number 02 of 2003 dated 20 May 2003.

2.1 To comply with the requirements of MARPOL 73/78 and other international conventions relative to reception facilities.

2.2. To prevent or reduce marine pollution by controlling or prohibiting illegal discharge of wastes from vessels.

2.3 To ensure that vessel-generated wastes are properly collected, treated and disposed of in an environmentally sound way and in accordance with existing standards and laws.

3.1 This order shall apply to all:
3.1.1. base ports, sub-ports and private ports;
3.1.2. vessels except warships, naval auxiliary ships and other government-owned vessels used for non-commercial service; and
3.1.3 vessels’ generated wastes such as those covered by Annexes I (Oil), II (Noxious liquid substances) and V (Garbage) of MARPOL 73/78

Definition of Terms
For the purpose of this order, the following terms shall be understood to mean, as follows:

4.1. Shore Reception Facility (SRF) – shall refer to a physical system ashore or afloat used for receiving discharges of oily wastes, noxious liquid substances and garbage from vessels.

4.2 Oily Wastes – shall refer to wastes from cargo residues and from the operation of machinery of the vessel. It includes waste lubricants, fuel processing, spills, leaks, oily residues, fuel sludge and oily mixtures or refuse. Oils referred to are those listed in Annex A of this order.

4.3. Garbage – shall refer to all kinds of victuals, domestic and operational waste excluding fresh fish and parts thereof, generated during the normal operation of the vessel and liable to be disposed continuously or periodically.

4.4. Noxious Liquid Substance (NLS) – shall mean any substance, which if discharged into the sea would present a hazard, minor or major, to either marine resources of human health or cause serious harm to amenities or other legitimate use of the sea. Substances referred to are listed in Annex B of this order.

4.5. Treatment Facility – shall mean a physical plant established for the purpose of treating, recycling, neutralizing, stabilizing and disinfecting the wastes received from vessels.

4.6 Dirty Ballast Water – shall mean water introduced into a tank of vessel that is contaminated with noxious liquid substance or mixed with oil residue or both.

4.7 Vessel – shall refer to ship, tanker, barge or floating craft or platform used as means of transportation on water.

4.8. Base Port – a port that is the center of administrative and operational activities within PPA’s Port Management Office (PMO).

4.9. Private Port – a port facility constructed and owned by private person or entity.

4.10. Operator – shall refer to the owner or company authorized to establish and operate the reception and treatment facilities and to render related services as may be authorized by PPA.

4.11. PPA – shall mean the Philippine Ports Authority.

4.12. Biodegradable Waste – shall mean any material that can be reduced into finer particles (degraded or decomposed) by microbiological organisms or enzymes (example: food scraps, paper, refuse or similar material).

4.13. Non-Biodegradable Waste- shall refer to inorganic solid waste which do not undergo decomposition, hence are non-compostable (example: plastic products, Styrofoam, ceramics, films, sachets for shampoo, coffee, soap or milk).

Compulsory Regime

5.1.1. There shall be shore reception facility (SRF) in all PPA base ports to provide waste collection and disposal service to ships’ generated wastes covered under Section 3.1 hereof.

5.1.2. The disposal of garbage from vessels into the reception facility shall be compulsory. A fixed fee (flat rate) shall be imposed on every vessel, which shall cover the collection of 0.4 cubic meter of less of garbage. Additional service fee shall be charged for the collection of oily waste, noxious liquid substance and garbage that is in excess of 0.4 cubic meter in conformity with the schedule as shown in Section 6 of this order.

5.1.3. The fees mentioned in Section 5.1.2 shall include the treatment/recycling and ultimate disposal of the wastes collected.

5.1.4. No imported wastes shall be discharged at the reception facility.

5.1.5. The authorized private Operator shall, upon docking of the vessel, render the service of collecting the subject wastes without causing undue delay to the vessel. As such, the operator shall provide and maintain reception facilities services on a 24 hour basis.

5.1.6.Vessels, such as warships, naval auxiliary ships and other government-owned ships used for non-commercial service, which are not covered by this order as specified in Section 3.1. may avail themselves of the herein mentioned waste collection services upon request subject to the payment of fees stipulated in Section 6.

Issuance of Certificate and Official receipt

5.5.1 Immediately after the waste collection service has been rendered, the Operator shall issue the “Certificate of Service Rendered” to the vessel, copy furnished the Harbour Operations Section of the PMO, sample format of which is attached as Annex D.

5.5.2. Upon payment of the required SRF fees, the operator shall issue the corresponding Official Receipt.

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