Fil oil Refinery at Rosario has one conventional buoy berth 3.5 miles
E of San Nicolas Shoals light-beacon and 2.5 miles offshore in a
depth of 13.7 m (45'). It consists of six mooring buoys and five marker
buoys. Mooring takes place during daylight hours only and should not
begin later than 12.00 hours. Tankers are moored, heading WSW, with
both bower anchors down and stern secured to five mooring buoys,
using two 10" ropes of good quality to each buoy. Three lines to
buoy no. 6 may be substituted for the port anchor under certain conditions.

Ship's anchoring gear must be in good condition and include minimum ten
shackles of chain on each anchor. A minimum of twelve mooring lines,
each not less than 165 m (90 fm) in length, is required.

Crude oil is discharged through one 24" submerged pipeline. Two
10" hoses with 10" flanges are lifted from the sea-bed by the
tanker's derrick (of min. 5 t SWL) and connected to the tanker's
port side manifold. Connecting and disconnecting is performed
by a terminal gang.

Maximum back pressure accepted is 8.5 kg/cm2 (120 psi).

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