Pilotage for docking and leaving any wharf or anchorage in Pulupandan Pliotage District is compulsory for all vessels both foreign and domestic. Requests for pilotage, should be communicated to Pulupandan Pilots, Pulupandan, Negros Occidental, Philippines, at least 24 hours notice is required by the Pulupandan Harbour Pilots' Association.
The pilot boards approx 4.5nm SSW of Pandan Point from a white wooden boat, with the name Pilot in black. If the vessel cannot proceed to the boarding point the pilot will board S of this point.
Pilotage is also available at the Iloilo Pilot boarding place 1nm W of Sinapsapsan Point.
During the SW monsoon the boarding position is 2nm N of Pandan Point.
Pilot may be contacted on VHF Ch 16, callsign "Pilots".

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