There is one loading berth with conventional buoy moorings which is serviced by a 36" submarine lines for loading cargo of crude oil. Normally loading takes place at SBM only.

The existing CBM berth, with a minimum depth of 16.39 m at lowest water 065 deg. (T) by 4.63 km from Marine jetty, is equipped to take vessels of up to approximately 140,000 tons deadweight for full cargo and up to approximately 370,000 tons dead-weight for part cargo. The maximum draft allowed is normally 14.m.
 The maximum size of vessel using the berths is governed by the physical limits of stern to manifold distance (max. 600 feet) and draft.

Deep drafted vessels leaving the berth should conduct their manoeuvres with extreme caution since depths of 15 m (49.2 feet) exist close west of the berth.

Vessels are moored to the ebb stream, heading N, using both bower anchors and securing stern to the buoys. Two marker buoys at the berth indicate the positions for letting go the anchors. Berthing and unberthing takes place day and night at the Berth.


CBM Berth

Water depth

16.4 m (53.81')

Tanker size lifting full cargo

140,000 dwt*)

Max. length of vessel

366 m (1,200')

Normal permitted sailing draft

15.8 m (52')

Exit route - min. depth

16.4 m (53.8')

Cargo hoses with 12" flanges

2 x 16"

Max. loading rate

50000 Bbls/h


CBM Berth, situated 3801m from the shore High Water mark and 4897 m from new pump station, is served by 36" pipeline. Submarine hose PLEM valves are of the ball-valve type.

Normally 2 x 12”X150 ANSI tanker rail hoses with camlock couplings for 36” pipeline connection are connected. The hoses are slung from the ship’s rail using snub chains with quick release blake-stopper.

All vessels arriving at Mina Saud for loading Ratawi or Eocene Crude will berth at this SBM. The old CBM berth will only be used in case of any damage or repair to the SBM berth.
LOCATION: 28º 45' 40.366'' N - 48º 27' 54.554" E

1) Two messenger ropes 24 mm DIA. nylon or polypropylene 150-200 metres in length with two 3 tons 'D' type shackles.
2) Two empty windlass winch drums for hand free operation to take SBM messenger ropes DIA 80mm Length 150 m plus length of tanker messenger ropes.
3) Two chain blocks SWL 3 tons at manifold with 4 nos. appropriate wire slings to position tanker rail hoses.
4) Two small wire slings for securing chain blocks.
5) Two Nos. 24mm DIA nylon ropes 15 metre length at manifold
6) Two brass sledge hammers at manifold
7) Two Nos. 16" manifolds on port side size 150 ANSI ready to receive 16" terminal camlock reducers.
8) Please inform the size, type and No of bow stoppers on foc's'le
9) Port side Derrick/crane and gangways on both sides rigged.

Name of Dock

Saudi Arabian chevron Terminal, SPM

Draft Restrictions

Max. Arrival draft not to exceed 13.0 m
Max. Sailing draft not to exceed 17.6 m

Loading rates

Max 45,000 BBLS/HR for Ratawi Crude
Max 45,000 BBLS/HR for Eocene Crude

Hose Connection

16" x 2- no back pressure at ships' rails

Depth alongside

19.6 m

Maximum draft

17.6 m

Min/Max LOA


Min/Max DWT

80,000 mt/400,000 MT

Under keel clearance

2m after loading

Berthing prospects

Normally vessels berth upon arrival depending upon weather conditions and cargo availability

Free pratique

Granted only when vessle at berth

Name of cargo inspector

Various depending on buyers choice

Dirty Ballast facilities

Not available

Fresh Water

No facility

Cost of barging

Not available

The SBM is yellow-coloured structure 12 m in dia. exhibiting morse code U every 15 sec at night, and a fog signal U in restricted visibility. The buoy is fitted with 2 floating hoses 334m in length with 10 flashing lights over the length of the hoses. It has 2 mooring hawsers with messenger lines total app. 305 m in length.


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