The Port of Crotone consists of two (2) parts, the Old Harbour (Porto Vecchio) and the New Harbour (Porto Nuevo).


The Old Harbour, the S one, has a 140.0 m wide entrance with 2.5 m depth. It is used mainly by fishing vessels and yachts. Vessels of up to about 35.0 m in length and a draft of 2.5 m can enter and berth alongside, but suggested to be helped by local pilots when port unknown.

The New Harbour has the following quays: 


Molo Foraneo

Is not operative for handling of chemicals by pipeline. 


Banchina di Riva

Is not operative for discharging/loading bulk cargoes. 


Molo Giunti

Discharge of cement in bulk.


Molo Sottoflutto No. 11, 12, 13

Length: 400.0 m.

Molo Sottoflutto No. 14

Length: 209.0 m (discharge of chemicals bulk cargoes by pipeline).


Molo Sottoflutto No. 15

Length:  264 mtrs (discharge of solid bulk cargoes).

Bulk Cargoes and cereals

Banchina di Riva

The WNW quay, length of 428.0 m, depth 8.5 m.

Banchina di Riva

WSW quay, length of 88.0, depth 8 m.

Molo Giunti

Two (2) quays along the inner side have depths of 7.2 m-8.5 m.

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