A minimum of 2-3 days notice of ETA must be sent to Harbour Master's office by:


Fax.: + 39070 60 51 72 18



Following information should be given:


1. Ship's Name/Call Sign.
2. Date/Time Departure from Last Port.
3. ETA Cagliari Pilots.
4. Name/UN No./MARPOL CAT/Tanks plan for cargo to be loaded/dicharged/in transit.


5. Master must declare that:
- All ship's Safety Certificates are valid and
- all officers dealing with cargo operations are in possesion of Pertaining Certificates according to IMO STCW/78.


6. All info given in Pre-arrival Check List are confirmed.

Safe Sea Net 2 Information

Please revert with below information for Harbour Master's Office within 24hrs from arrival or
before leaving last port (if transit less than 24hrs).

NB If vessel included on PSC extended inspection criteria:
Oil tankers over 15 years old and over 3000GT
Gas and chemical tankers over 10 years old
(The age of the ship is determined on the basis of the keel-laying date, indicated in the ship's safety certificates).
 This info should be sent within 72 hrs prior arrival.

a) Vessel Name
b) Call Sign
c) IMO Number
d) Flag
e) Total persons on board on arrival (crew+pax)
f)  Last Port of call and ETD
g) Port of call (Cagliari/Sarroch) and ETA
h) ETD
i) Next Port of Call and ETA
j) For  vessels carrying Dangerous Goods for non EEC port please attach copy of Cargo Manifest
k) expected number of persons on board on departure (crew+passengers)

===For Tankers==

1) Planned Operation (load/discharge/other)
2) Planned works (maintenance/Inspections/repairs/other)
3) Ship configuration (single hull/double Hull of segregated ballast tanks)
4) Cargo Volume Nature (Cargo Volume and nature)
5) Ballast Tanks Condition (empty/full/inert/other)


Harbour Master of Cagliari
Order no. 115/2000

Pre-arrival check and denial of arrival permission

Art. 1 (Denial of arrival permission)

The transit, the stay and the approach in the jurisdictional area might be denied to all the ships which will not comply to the national and international safety and marine environment protection rules and to those ones resulting sub-standard according to the SIRENAC MOU database.
Furthermore, it might be also forbidden the entrance in the territorial waters for a period not longer than 6 months to the ships as per previous comma based upon an order issued by the Ministry of Environment (according to Italian Law 03.03.1987 no.59 art.8)

Preliminary checkings

Tankers aged more than 15 years, arriving from ports outside Italy:
1. not equipped with double hull, or
2. having GT equal or over 3.000

General cargo ships aged more than 20 years, arriving from ports outside Italy:
1. carrying cargoes potentially pollutant or dangerous for the marine environment (such as coke, phosphates, sulphur and minerals), or
2. having on board more than 200 tons of bunker or a big quantity of oily residues

according to the weather conditions will be subject to Harbour Master’s checking of the certificates and of the ship’s general conditions, for the issuing of the authorisation to enter in the port and perform commercial operations.
Such checks, once fulfilled, will grant the ship commercial access for a period of 6 (six) months, provided that in the meantime no events causing deficiencies will occur.
If any deficiencies causing an evident danger to the safety, the health and the environment should be evidenced by above checks, the conditions as per previous art.1 might be applied, or otherwise particular restrictions may be applied aiming to the protection of superior public interests such as:
- compulsory tugs assistance during the whole loading/discharging operations (only tankers);
- increase of the number of tugs during manoeuvring period;
- compulsory tugs assistance inbound and outbound the anchoring points in the WAITING AREA;
- extension of pilotage compulsority beyond the limits already defined in the Transportation and Navigation Ministry Decrees dated 02/09/1996;
- eventual additional checks of the commercial operations (if authorised).
The ship’s Master will be immediately noticed of these eventual prescriptions by the Port State Control Officer (Cagliari Harbour Master Officer), after hearing local pilot’s advice in respect of:
- number and power of the tugs to be employed;
- weather conditions;
- ship’s dimensions
- ship’s manoeuvring equipment
The ships interested by the above mentioned dispositions, once the commercial operations are complete, shall immediately leave the berth and (if not leaving the port area) will have to perform again the arrival precautionary steps and proceed to the WAITING AREA.

Art. 3 Petrochemical plants

Tugs service at the petrochemical plants is compulsory:
- Inwards for all tankers over 3.000 GRT;
- inwards and outwards for all tankers as per previous Art.2

Art. 4 Reports to the Authorities

Should the ships submitted to the checks as per previous Art.2 evidence serious deficiencies, same will be reported to the Ministry of the Environment, to the General Headquarters of the Coast Guard, to the Flag State Government and to the proper International Organisations for the issuing of proper dispositions.

Art. 5 Waiting Areas

All ships to be submitted to the checks as per previous Art. 2 (at the discretion of the Harbour Master) will be diverted on arrival to the proper WAITING AREAS as per Annex 1 to this order and stated below:

Ships bound to Cagliari Port Area and Channel Harbour:

WAITING AREA “B1” marked as follows:
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 157° dmg 1,3
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 157° dmg 0,9
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 190° dmg 1,1
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 185° dmg 1,9

Ships bound to Assemini tanker terminal:

WAITING AREA “B2” marked as follows:
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 190° dmg 1,1
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 185° dmg 1,9
From the head of southern Channel Harbour breakwater Bearing 214° dmg 1,6

Art. 6 Communications

In the event of a ship bound to one of the ports of jurisdiction or to an anchoring area inside territorial waters, upon departure from the last port of call or as soon as being notified of the destination port or in any case prior entrance in the territorial waters, the Ship Agent will have to report to the local Harbour Master and to the Maritime Coast Guard Headquarters in Cagliari all information as detailed in the Annex 2 to this order.
This procedure should not be applied to the ships calling from national ports and for liners.

Art. 7 Admission procedures

In addition to the previous rules regarding pre-arrival formalities and to the prescriptions of previous Art.6, the ships will have to contact Coast Guard Port Control via VHF CH 16 not later than one hour prior to entering the jurisdictional territorial waters reporting the ship’s main identification details, the actual position, course and speed, ETA, cargo carried and the quantities of Fuel Oil, Gasoil, Lube Oil and slops actually on board.

ANNEX 2 (Pre -arrival checklist)
1. Vessel name
2. Owners name
3. Flag
4. Call sign
6. Port of registry
7. L.O.A.
8. Classification Society
9. Last port/departure time/date
10. ETA Cagliari/Assemini/Sarroch
11. IMO number
12. Year of build
13. Whether double hull vessel
14. Whether cargo on board (quality and quantity)
15. Bunker on board in MT
16. bilge water on board
17. Insurance of vessel (name of society and expiring date)
18. Insurance of cargo (if known)
19. Insurance CLC (if available)
20. Paris Memo details (issuing date and place)
21. Paris Memo remarks (yes/no)

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