Weather and Sea conditions

Tides and Currents

The max. tidal range is abt. 0.58 m. Average spring tides reach 0.47 m, neap tides 0.14 m. The water level is greatly influenced by the winds. During strong NE winds the tidal range may sometimes exceed 1.0 m.

Currents: The coastal current running along the W coast of the Adriatic maintains its SE direction until the Ancona promontory where it changes its course flowing along the South mole, reaches the head of the North mole and finally resumes its original course.

The current which crosses the harbour entrance from S to N striking the extremity of the N Outer mole sets into the harbour. Steamers manoeuvring between the Rizzo mole and the Clementino mole should pay heed to this. The coastal current generally attains a rate of 4 knots. During strong winds from W to N this rate may be considerable exceeded and cause great disturbance to shipping.

Wind and Sea

The weather is generally good from May to September. During the autumn and winter, bad weather comes mainly from the first quadrant. The NE wind, called Bora, appears with little warning and blows with extreme violence, causing a rough sea.

The Scirocco (SE wind) is, after the Bora, the most frequent wind blowing during the winter months. It will, if continual, set up a considerable sea.

Westerly winds generally cause fog or mist which may be thick and frequent especially in winter.

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