Compulsory and available throughout 24 hours, for all vessels entering the dredged approach channel or proceeding into Khowr-e Soltani.
The pilot boards vessel in the outer anchorage, to seaward of the entrance to the dredged channel. The language used is English however Persian is also used for Iranian vessels.
Vessels up to approx 196m in length and 8.6m draught can enter the harbour at Bushehr.

According to Clause 23 of Chapter IV of Iranian Maritime Law (Volume I), pilots must drive and steer ships upon the request of the ship commander. In his case, the commander or his deputy must accompany the pilot. If the ship sustain any damage due to the pilot's command or the port facilities are damaged by the ship, the port authority will not be responsible in any way and the pilot is liable and will be sentenced to administrative penalties due to the negligence or recklessness or non-compliance of the port provisions.

Pilot's job description in the port:

1. Guidance, docking and undocking of all ships without limitation.
2. Communication with the ship commander for preparation of the ship for the pilot's boarding.
3. Providing needed reports about the state of the channel and dock the ship commander.
4. Obtaining information on the technical condition and safety of the ship prior to arrival.
5. Selecting proper tugs for the ship and maintaining good communication with the commander during operations.
6. Making all necessary arrangements with the control and traffic centre during pilotage operations.
7. Providing reports for navigational aid marks and waterway to the control centre.
8. Use o navigational aid tools to guide the ship.
9. Anchoring and unanchoring of vessels.

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