The harbour is protected by breakwaters. The main breakwater is 1140 meters long with a maximum draft alongside the breakwater of 16 meters. Smallest breakwater is 376 meters long with a maximum depth alongside of 16 meters. Another protective breakwater 367.54 meters long in depth of 12 meters.

There is a turning basin with a diameter of 400 meters with a depth of 12 meters.

The Principal Wharf is 800 meters in length with an apron 56 meters wide and a water depth of 11 meters alongside.

The Auxiliary Berth which is located at the southern end is 170 meters in length. Presently one side of this pier is occupied by barges with diesel generators used for generating electricity for the whole of Guatemala.
The other side of this Auxiliary pier can be used by vessels with a maximum draft less than 5.0 meters.

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