At Mantanzas Port there are eight separate berthing installations.

Supertanker Pier PC-1
17,0 m draft for vessel 207 m to 295 m length.

Supertanker Pier PC-2
13,6 m draft for vessels 162 m to 241 m length.

Frank Pais Pier (Formerly Armour Pier)
It is a solid construction of concrete and stones. Although it has two sides, only the SW side is used, the NE side being out of use. Draft even keel 6.4 m (21'), length 162 m (532'). Cargo handled by this pier: Only Coastal Trade discharge of fuel oil, diesel oil, gasoline and kerosene.

Docking for vessels with a length of 162 m (532') is authorized provided the mooring be assisted with buoy situated near the head of pier. In case said buoy is missing, the docking is limited to 100 m (328') length.

Reinold Garcia Pier (Formerly Terminal Maritima Pier)
The pier is of solid concrete construction at the entrance of which the Pilot Station and the Stevedores offices are located.

North side - draft even keel 11.0 m (34'), length 170 m (557'). Cargo handled by this side: Export - Bagged refined sugar, dextrana, liqueurs etc. Import - Occasionally dry cargo (general cargo).

South side - draft even keel 11.6 m (38'), length 212 m (695'). At this side of the pier are the mechanical installations of the bulk raw sugar shipping plant. Cargo handled by this side: Export - Bulk raw sugar, occasionally bagged refined sugar, dextrana, rayon, liqueurs etc.

Morales Bayona Pier (Formerly Cubadist Pier)

It is a steel and concrete construction, consisting of a long narrow passage along which run the molasses and water pipelines and a catwalk. At this installation tankers berth to two solid dolphins and two mooring
buoys fore and aft. Draft 11.5 m, length 231 m. Cargo handled by this pier: Crude Oil, kerosene, jet fuel, LPG, molasses and alcohol. Manoeuvres for vessels are carried out 24 hours a day. New pier for tanker vessels which accommodate up to 90 m length and a draft of 4.73

Jose Luis Dubroco Pier (Formerly Fomento Maritimo Pier)
Berth No. 1
On this wharf there are installed four overhead cranes for discharging bulk fertilizer. Draft even keel 9.75 m (32'), length 152 m (499'). Cargo handled by this section: Import - General cargo, bulk fertilizer, bagged cargoes, lumber etc. Export - General cargo.

Berth No. 2
Draft even keel 8.8 m (29'), length 152 m (499'). Cargo handled by this berth is similar to berth No. 1. Trucking operations are usual at this pier. The port can operate 6 vessels at a time as follows:

2 at Reynold Garcia - loading or discharging dry cargo.
2 at Jose Luis Dubrocq - loading or discharging dry cargo.
1 at Morales Bayona - loading molasses or alcohol.
1 at Frank Pais - discharging petroleum products.

Tanker Vessels
East of ''Morales Bayona'' pier, a new pier for tanker vessels up to 106 m (347') length, for loading molasses, acid and P.L.G. has been built.

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