All operations performed at this port are effected at Guayabal pier.

The pier is a solid and well maintained construction of concrete. The W side of the pier is specially designed for loading bulk raw sugar mechanically and is the deepest side where vessels can load up to 9.45 m (31') for sailing in high tide or up to 8.84 m (29') for sailing at any tide. Length 170 m (557').

It must be understood that such a draft of 9.45 m (31') is given only for sailing loaded, but does not indicate that an arriving vessel with 9.45 (31') draft can dock, even at high tide.

This situation is originated by the dimensions of the manoeuvring harbour around the pier.

Maximum draft allowed for vessels arriving to complete cargo at Guayabal (molasses, alcohol or sugar) at the W side of pier is 7.62 m (25').

At the E side of the pier vessels can dock bow facing shore, with maximum draft of 7.32 (24') fore and 8.23 m (27') aft. Length 169 m (555').

Tanker Vessels
A tanker vessel nominated for discharging fuel oil at Guayabal must arrive with a maximum draft of 9.14 m (30') to be docked at the W side, bow facing shore, and must discharge until a draft of 7.62 m (25') or less
is attained, in order to turn around and sail out.

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