• 2. Health and Medical

Health and Medical

Chile follows the Pan American Sanitary Code, but has adopted the WHO form for the Health Certificate to be presented at the first Port of Call. Principal health stations are at Arica, Valparaiso and Punta Arenas. Also the ports of Antofagasta, Coquimbo, Iquique, San Antonio, San Vicente, Talcahuano and Tocopilla are regarded as principal ports.

Free pratique is never granted by radio; however, a clean vessel from abroad destined for a harbour different from the above mentioned principal ports proceed direct to its destination, provided such permission is obtained 8 days in advance from the National Health Service. In such case, free pratique will be granted by the Captain of the Port after proper inspection. Oil/ore carriers calling at certain minor terminals which are incidentally close to a large port may be required to call at the larger port first for health clearance. Quarantine signals must be exhibited and no person may enter or leave the vessel until free pratique has been granted.

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