Weather and Sea conditions

Tides and Currents

Amplitude of tides at the EBOME  MARINE  TERMINAL averages 1.2 m with possible variations between 0.4 and 2.1 meters.

Surface currents, mainly influenced by the Guinea currents, generally flow towards the southwest and rarely exceed a speed of 1 knot.

Wind and Sea


The year is characterized by two seasons :

- rainy season from June to September,
- variable season from October to May with low rain frequency.

Outdoor Temperature
The outdoor temperature varies from 22°C/72°F (July and August) to 30° C/86° F (February to April).

Seawater Temperature
Water temperature at the surface varies from 25° C/77° F (June to September) to 29° C/84° F (February).

The prevailing winds from 4 to 8 knots blow from the southwest sector throughout the year.

The strongest winds, up to 30 knots, are rare and occur from February to May, in October, and in December. They may accompany tornadoes generally travelling from east to west.

The predominant direction of the swell is South-Southwest with a trough 0.6 to 1.2 m, from October to February, an a trough 1.1 to 1.6 m, from February to September. Mean period is 5 seconds.

Average visibility is 10 nautical miles. It may be reduced to a half mile by rainfall, specially from June to September.

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