Pier No.1:

Two berths for handling solid bulk and general cargo.
Length: 350 m, width: 45 m.


Berth 1
Draught: 14 m, DWT: up to 80,000.
Ship unloader: 1,250 ton per hour.

Conveyor belt: 1,250 ton per hour.


Berth 2

Draught: 15 m, DWT: up to 120,000.

Multiple use crane: 45 ton / 30 m.


Pier No.2:

Two berths for handling liquid bulk and gas (LPG).

Total Length: 450 m. Length of operation platform is 45 m and width is 32 m.


Berth No.1

Draught: 16 m, DWT: up to 175,000.


Berth No.2

Draught: 17 m, DWT: up to 175,000.


Pier Access Bridge

Total length: 2,160 m.
Length to Pier No.1 is 1,800 m.

At the left there is a conveyor belt rack. At the right there is a pipe rack.

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