Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels entering Zulfiquar Channel and no attempt should be made to navigate Pussur River without a pilot.
Requests for a pilot should be made 24 hours in advance to the Mongla port authorities at Khulna and the Hiran Point pilot station by radio, direct to the pilot station or via Khulna coast radio station, stating the following information: ETA at Mongla Fairway Lightbuoy, fresh water draught, speed available, length, tonnage and the quantity of fresh water required.
On approaching the river, the vessel will receive instructions from the pilot station as to the course to be followed and the depth of water on the bar. Vessels anchor SE of Hiran Point to await the pilot and may not proceed N of Mongla Lightbuoy without a pilot. The pilot vessel is equipped with radio. Vessels should have a boat rope and pilot ladder with hand ropes ready on the lee side.
Day and night pilotage is available, however night pilotage is restricted for vessels under LOA 145m, draught 6.5m and speed below 10kts.
There are 5 pilots based at Mongla, 57nm from the entrance of the river.

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