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Hull coatings fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction

15 September 2021

BIMCO's Ashok Srinivasan will be speaking about the link between advanced hull coatings, fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction for vessels of different types, trading patterns and operating speeds over the lifetime of the vessel. In particular, he will be speaking about the industry standard for in-water cleaning with capture.  

BIMCO Infectious Diseases Clause and the allocation of COVID risks in charter parties

31 August 2021

BIMCO's Nina Stuhrmann, Manager, Contracts & Clause, will be taking part in a joint seminar between 4 Pump Court and BIMCO to discuss the forthcoming re-draft of the BIMCO Infectious Diseases Clause and, more widely, issues arising under many charter parties about who bears time and money consequences of delays and disruption.

BIMCO's Peter Sand to speak at Journal of Commerce webinar on 16 September

02 August 2021

The Suez Canal blockage, COVID-19 cases shutting down the world’s third busiest container terminal of Yantian, record low carrier schedule reliability, growing congestion across North Europe, and chronic vessel space and equipment shortages. The disruption is also flowing downstream and impacting short-sea shipping and inland logistics providers. The panel will discuss what must change within the Asia-Europe supply chain before any normalisation can occur.