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2023 IMO Biofouling Guidelines Published

18 October 2023

At its 80th session, the IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee adopted revised guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimise the transfer of invasive aquatic species. The update to the 2011 Guidelines was undertaken to improve uptake and enforcement and to reduce the threat posed by invasive aquatic species to the well-being of the ocean.

First global standard for ship hull cleaning essential for marine ecosystems

26 May 2020

BIMCO, the world’s largest shipping association, has moved a step closer to finishing a global set of guidelines needed to protect the marine environment from invasive species and reduce CO2 emissions. Currently, there is no common global standard for cleaning ships’ hulls to avoid transferring invasive aquatic species, nor for the potentially damaging debris washed off in the process.

Why observer status matters

25 November 2021

Did you know that alongside its work at the International Maritime Organization (IMO), BIMCO has observer status at the London Convention/London protocol, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the International Oil Pollution Compensation (IOPC) Funds? In fact, the observer role is one of the backbones of BIMCO’s work. Here’s why it matters.