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Types of training

25 March 2020

BIMCO offers three ways for shipping professionals to learn. Each of the three ways relies on trainers with years of hands-on experience. The courses are highly interactive and much of the learning is derived from discussing examples from the participant’s daily work-life. For a limited period only until 31. July, 2020, BIMCO will be offering e-learning as part of a package with in-house web based training. 

Why choose BIMCO?

20 April 2020

BIMCO training brings you world class training programmes and industry experts, either online or on-site, to guide you through some of the most important shipping topics where BIMCO has over 110 years’ experience and trust.

Henning Nielsen

17 October 2016

Henning Nielsen is Senior Manager, Support & Advice at BIMCO, is responsible for advising and guiding members on contractual issues, such as handling laytime disputes, recommendations on charter party forms and clauses, commenting on terms and clauses offered to members, handling disputes on interpretation and construction of charter parties and clauses. Henning has been with BIMCO since 1984. His 40 plus years of experience has built up his expertise in laytime and demurrage issues, which is widely recognised by BIMCO members.