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HME substances and MARPOL Annex V

BIMCO providing information on substances harmful to the marine environment (HME) under MARPOL Annex V, its relation to IMSBC Code and the discharge requirements of cargo residues.

Cargo Enquiries

Members have approached BIMCO with some interesting cargo enquiries and here we provide some of these cargo enquiries and our answers as well.

Solid bulk cargo database

A valuable supplement to the IMSBC Code, containing cargo information and carriage requirements of solid bulk cargoes commonly transported. Amendment (Amdt) 06-21 (2022 edition) is the current Code in force effective 1 December 2023.  Amdt 07-23 is in voluntary application effective 1 January 2024 a... Please follow the link to continue reading.


BIMCO' flagship contract has been updated to and is now GENCON 2022. Download a sample contract here.