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Decarbonization & Digitalisation Forum 2019

13 November 2019

BIMCO's Wei Zhuang – Regional Manager Asia - will be speaking at the panel on how digitalisation can support the drive towards decarbonisation, which is part of the Hong Kong Maritime Week 2019. The event is arranged by Lloyd's Register and the British Consulate in Hong Kong.

Newbuilding contracts should require use of Shipdex

21 December 2018

BIMCO and MAN Energy Solutions hosted a conference for software suppliers delivering Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to expand the use of Shipdex. Shipdex is the standard protocol for exchanging technical data - such as manuals – electronically between supplier and ships directly, cutting the need for huge stacks of - often outdated - paper manuals.

BIMCO President speaks about opportunities and threats for shipping from digitalisation including stressing the human element

28 September 2017

The BIMCO President Mr Papagiannopoulos highlighted the main opportunities and threats for shipping coming from digitalisation at the 3rd ShipIT conference in Athens on 27 September 2017. The opportunities and threats include the admin burden on board ships, autonomous ships, blockchain, cyber risk management and not least the human elements of all these issues.