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New Report Highlights Positive eBL Law Reforms

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has published a promising report highlighting positive eBL law reforms, emphasising the potential of electronic bills of lading to save $6.5 billion in direct costs and boost global trade by $30-40 billion annually.

Associations call for accelerating digitalisation of maritime trade and logistics

The Covid-19 crisis has painfully demonstrated the heterogeneous landscape that currently exists across ports worldwide. With the world’s attention now focused on exiting from lockdowns and preparing for a ‘new normal’, there is an urgent need to co-operate and accelerate the pace of digitalisation,... Please follow the link to continue reading.

Aron Sørensen: Maritime digitalisation, biofouling and safety

Aron Sørensen is Head of Marine Environment and has been with BIMCO since 2008. He is an expert on maritime digitalisation, cyber security, safety and environmental regulation and a number of other technical topics within the sector. His positions prior to joining BIMCO include senior navigator and... Please follow the link to continue reading.