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Additional Gulf of Guinea security advice

23 February 2018

As an additional aide to the advice promulgated on 9 February 2018, BIMCO urges all members to note the guidance and advice contained in the following security notice for ships operating in the Gulf of Guinea region.

Webinar - Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

07 December 2021

BIMCO, with the support of the International Transportation Workers Federation (ITF), World Shipping Council (WSC), and the International Shipmanagers’ Association (InterManager) is hosting a seminar to examine progress made so far and what remains to be accomplished to suppress piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

Gulf of Guinea states must act and prosecute suspected pirates

07 January 2022

States in the Gulf of Guinea region must take responsibility and step-up prosecution efforts when pirates are apprehended by international navies, following the release of three suspected pirates held in custody on board Danish frigate Esbern Snare.