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Dispute Resolution Clause 2017

17 October 2016

This is the 2017 edition of the Dispute Resolution Clause. The clause has been developed to re-introduce of the LMAA Intermediate Claims Procedure.

War in Ukraine will hurt growth in all shipping segments

07 March 2022

Though much uncertainty remains, the immediate commodity price increases and supply challenges caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are likely to be felt throughout 2022. Also, recently implemented sanctions on Russia are not likely to be lifted any time soon. This may have sustained spill-over impact on the global economy.

Sanctions Clause for Container Vessel Time Charter Parties 2021

03 March 2022

The sanctions landscape for the container trade has grown increasingly complex over the past decade. To provide the container industry with a bespoke contractual solution that addresses the practical and commercial realities of the liner trade BIMCO has developed a Sanctions Clause for Container Vessel Time Charter Parties 2020.


13 December 2017

BARECON is a bareboat charter party. It is a lease agreement whereby the charterer obtains possession and full control of the ship along with the legal and financial responsibility for it. The charterer generally pays for all operating expenses, including fuel, crew, maintenance, repairs, and P&I and hull insurance. The latest edition of this contract is BARECON 2017


30 November 2017

The WORLDFOODRECEIPT 2017 is a non-negotiable cargo receipt that was developed to be used for shipments under the WORLDFOOD 2017 charter party. The latest edition of this cargo receipt is WORLDFOODRECEIPT 2017. Copyright in WORLDFOODRECEIPT 2017 is held by BIMCO.