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Meet BIMCO at the World Shipping (China) Summit 2014

29 October 2014

The summit is first ever to be hosted in the inland and western region of China, on the upper reach of the Yangtse River. The 2014 Summit will focus on the theme of “Adapting to New Norms”.


20 September 2016

POOLCON B is designed for use by tramp pools operating in the dry and liquid bulk trades under contracts of affreightment, spot or time charters to third parties. It governs the relationship between owners entering their ships into the pool and the pool managers and regulates administrative and procedural matters covering pool operations together with the allocation of respective party liabilities and obligations. As an agency agreement, there is no time charter relationship between participants and pool managers. The latest edition of this contract is POOLCON B, issued in 2014. Copyright in POOLCON B is held by BIMCO.