ASBATANKVOY industry consultation

Have your say on the upcoming ASBATANKVOY form

Published: 08 November 2023

The joint Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc. and BIMCO subcommittee, which is revising the standard tanker voyage charter party form ASBATANKVOY, has now finalised a draft for industry consultation. 

The draft has been prepared by a subcommittee composed of representatives from ASBA (Søren Wolmar, Quincannon), who are copyright holders of the form, BW Group (Stephen Harper), COSCO Shipping Energy Transportation Co. (Li Xuhua), Chevron (Heather A. Johnson), UNIPEC America (Randel Geuy), Dietze & Associates (Chris Young), Clark, Atcheson & Reisert (Richard J. Reisert), Poten & Partners (Patrick Brennan), Nordisk Defence Club (Magne Andersen), the American Club (Molly McCafferty), INTERTANKO (Dimitris Dimopoulos) and BIMCO (Merete L. Greisen, Natalie Wong and Christian Hoppe). 

The aim of the revision is to bring the popular voyage charter form, which has not been revised since 1977, up to date with modern tanker trade and address issues that have been raised by stakeholders in the industry over the past few years.  

The consultation package is being finalised and will be launched during November. If you want to be part of the industry consultation, send an email to Natalie Wong ( and Christian Hoppe ( no later than 20 November 2023. 
Christian Hoppe


Christian Hoppe

General Counsel

Copenhagen, Denmark