• 2. Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulations

MARPOL regulations are strictly enforced. Any infringement may result in arrest and prosecution by the Nigerian Authorities.

Wind and swell are mostly from a southwesterly direction from April to November.
The weather is generally good from December to March with light winds, but
deteriorates during the wet season from May to October. During the periods of
change over between wet and dry seasons (April/May and October/November) severe
squalls with violent thunderstorms and winds of up to 60 knots are regularly

For approximately 75 percent of the year the current sets in a North-Northwesterly
direction and for the remainder of the year, South- Southeasterly. The strength of
the current varies from 1/2 to 1-1/2 knots and the currents frequently change
direction very quickly which can cause a vessel to yaw significantly. The tidal range in
the vicinity of the SBM berths is 1.5 meters.
In view of the foregoing, Masters of vessels calling at the Terminal are advised that
under no circumstances are engine repairs or the immobilization of the main engines
permitted within the Terminal’s limits.

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