Pier No. 4
North side: (a) Max. draft - base 4 m (13') - head 5.80 m (19')., (b) length 170 m (557'). South side: (a) Max. draft - base 6.10 m (20') - head 6.71 m (22')., (b) length 170 m (557').

The construction of this pier is concrete. It is protected by hard rubber fenders and has a fixed red light at the SW end. Each pier is connected with one railway which is independent of the others, but with no car outlet at end of piers, consequently, to perform any movement it is necessary to take out the remaining cars. For that reason, there is no road connecting the piers, and since piers are not paved, trucking operations cannot be performed. Operations performed at this pier are loading of bagged raw sugar, molasses and discharge of general cargo.

Coastal Pier
Has a maximum draft of 5.7 m (18.11') and 6.1 m (20'), length is 136 m (446'). It is used only for discharging oil, cereal and loading of molasses.

Bacaladera Dock
Has a max. draft 3.05 m (10') 'bow' and 3.66 m (20') 'stern', length 106 m (347'). It is used for discharging liquid asphalt, which deposit installation is located 20 m (65') from said dock.

Preston (20 deg. 46'N - 75 deg. 40'W). A sub-port of Antilla, this port is located on the N coast of Cuba. Traditionally this port has shipped the production of ''Guatamala'' sugar mill (formerly Preston) which ranks among the biggest in the sugar industry.

Felton (20 deg. 44'45''N - 75 deg. 35'40''W). A sub-port of Antilla, this port is located on the N coast of Cuba. Felton, as are Antilla and Preston, is located at Nipe Bay and is the closest one to the Bay entrance. It is located 1 3/4 miles to the SW of Saetia, just in Cajimaya Cove and 3 miles E of Preston. Accessible to vessels with a max. draft of 7.32 m (24') and max. length of 177 m (580').

At present this port handles mainly the importation of raw material for the fertilizer plant in the vicinity of the port. A mobile crane with grab and a loading rate of 200 t/h is available at the berth. Water can be supplied, but no fuel oil. Nearest hospital is located at Nicaro. Vessels cannot enter or sail from this port at night. Vessels can proceed directly to the wharves since Port Authorities will arrive by launch from Antilla for clearance.
See under separate heading FELTON for further details.

Tanker Vessels
Average pumping rate for molasses is 35,000 galons p/h, 2 connections, one of 8 '' and another of 12'' in diameter. Average discharging rate for gasoline, kerosene and diesel oil about 300 t p/h. Diameters of connections for diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline 8'', 6'' and 4'', one connection each one.

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