BIMCO's Holiday Calendar 2023

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BIMCO’s Holiday Calendar covers general holidays in over 150 countries plus local holidays and working hours in more than 680 ports around the world.

First published in 1913, this handbook enjoys worldwide distribution as an indispensable tool when negotiating charter parties, planning voyages or computing laytime.

The 2023 BIMCO Holiday Calendar has received a significant overhaul  and now offers even better coverage, reliability and transparency. The most trusted and unbiased source for holidays and working hours in the shipping industry now works as an even better tool for planning, voyages, negotiating charter parties and avoiding disputes with counter parts.

The most significant improvements are: 
- Increased focus on local and regional holidays.
- Now excluding conditional and labour agreement holiday and offering significantly improved verification of entries supported by local, legal documentation to ensure solid reliability.
- Using a format that reflects holiday legislation at national, regional and municipality level.

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