Ship Management Masterclass Online

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  • 13 Mar 2023 5 days
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The Masterclass on Ship Management is a series of 10 online sessions, delivered in 5 days. Each session will run for 75 minutes and will cover essential contractual ship management issues.

What will you learn?

During the course, the trainers will discuss and elaborate on some particular commercial aspects of using BIMCO’s current ship management contracts. The emphasis will be on SHIPMAN 2009/CREWMAN A&B, which will be used as a platform for discussing how the contracts are applied and commercially used. The course will look at the contracts from both managers’ and owners’ perspectives.

Since SHIPMAN was last updated in 2009, the ship management industry has developed tremendously. As a result, an increasing number of changes and rider clauses are incorporated into the contracts to adjust and balance them commercially. BIMCO is in the process of setting up a sub-committee to revise SHIPMAN/CREWMAN, which will completely review the forms. Until the new forms are ready, the BIMCO Masterclass aims to focus on and clarify some of the main issues known to cause discussions and ambiguity in the current forms. 

The trainers will examine their respective roles and expectations in a ship management arrangement, and how they each act to protect their interests by managing their contractual liabilities for the duration of the ship management agreement. The course aims to raise awareness of the risks and liabilities by examining the forms and by offering practical examples of cases handled by the trainers.

Dates and topics of Ship Management Masterclass Online

13 March 2023

Session 1

COVID, costs, carbon, connectivity, and collaboration.

Session 2

Introduction to SHIPMAN and CREWMAN

14 March 2023

Session 3

Main aspects of dispute resolution under English Law

Session 4

SHIPMAN/CREWMAN as an agency contract:

15 March 2023

Session 5

Case study 1 –Ship management dispute with practical solutions suggested

Session 6

Ship management contracts in the aftermath of COVID-19

16 March 2023

Session 7

Financial aspects of SHIPMAN/CREWMAN

Session 8

Contract management SHIPMAN/CREWMAN:

17 March 2023

Session 9

Termination of SHIPMAN/CREWMAN contracts:

Session 10

Case study 1 –Ship management dispute with practical solutions suggested

Starting times:

09:00 UTC
10:00 CET

See the time in your local time zone.

Why choose to participate?

This course will be of value to ship management professionals as well as to senior managers in ship management, ship owning and ship operations who wish to increase their understanding of the vital role of ship management contracts and the practical and legal obligations these contracts produce with third parties.

The combination of theory, discussion and casework will make using the BIMCO suite of ship management contracts clearer and more manageable. The trainers will share valuable experiences and point participants towards practical solutions, which can be used on the job. The course will also facilitate networking between international shipping peers and enable long-term learning relationships between the participants.

Course certification

Participants will be given an option of taking a final assessment (1-hour open-book test) at the end of the course, and Certificate of Achievement will be issued with a grade (distinction, merit or pass). Those not taking the assessment will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Course materials

BIMCO issues electronic course files as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes. All documentation and presentations will be in English. Course access details will be provided once the registration is completed.

You will also receive access to BIMCO's eLearning modules on "Time Chartering", "Bills of Lading" and Voyage Chartering".


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