Voyage Charters Masterclass Online

  • 18 Oct 2021 5 days
  • Available seats 7
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Voyage Charters Masterclass Online is a series of 10 online sessions delivered over 5 days. Each day will run for 120 minutes with a short break in between. This course highlights key VC issues, presents ways for parties to allocate risks and gives an overview of the relevant legal principles.

What will you learn?

Session dates and topics

Monday, 18 October 2021

Session 1

Formation and terms of the charter: the binding agreement, the parties, “subjects”, terms, and law governing the contract.

Session 2

Choosing the C/P: The sale contract and its interaction with the C/P, insurance and third parties.

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Session 3

Choosing the right vessel: Seaworthiness and misdescription. Qualifications in the C/P; “without guarantee” and “about”

Session 4

Making the puzzle fit together: Fixing the vessel, ETAs and the obligation to arrive within the “laycan”. The right (or possibility) to navigate, deviate and port rotation.

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Session 5

The cargo: NOR and cargo operations. Unsafe ports, dangerous cargoes. The rights and obligations of owners and charterers.

Session 6

Bills of Lading: The 3 functions and the duties under the B/L.

Thursday, 21 October 2021

Session 7

It is all about the money: Freight, laytime

Session 8

It is all about the money: demurrage, detention

Friday, 22 October 2021

Session 9

Problems in performance: remedies for breach of contract, LOIs, liens

Session 10

Dispute resolution: Arbitration, litigation, security, injunctions, mediation and why can’t we all be friends?

Starting hours (for all sessions):

08:00  UTC (GMT)
09:00 London (BST)
10:00 Copenhagen (CEST)
11:00 Athens (EEST)
12:00 Dubai (GST)
16:00 Hong Kong/Singapore (HKT/SGT)
17:00 Tokyo (JST)
18:00 Sydney (AEST)

What do participants say about the course?

"High quality presenters who are able to make it practical and explain things in the right manner without it being too academic." (April 2021 participant)

Course programme

Why choose to participate?

While there are basic obligations of each party to the voyage charters, the charters are not regulated by any compulsory international conventions, and the principle of freedom of contract is absolute.

You will be taught by hand-picked industry experts who have built a career out of solving complicated voyage chartering issues. The combination of theory, discussion and casework will make the complexity of voyage chartering clear and manageable. The teachers will share valuable experiences and point participants towards practical solutions that can be used on the job. The course will also facilitate networking between international shipping peers and enable long-term relationships between the participants.

The masterclass is aimed at all practitioners involved in maritime transportation, who wish to boost their expert knowledge and become proficient in voyage chartering, both for dry and wet cargoes.

How will this course help your professional development?

The course will equip you with a much deeper understanding of the fundamental challenges related to voyage chartering and provide you with a balanced understanding of the relevant legal principles and practise. The course will help you identify the potential challenges in advance and enable you to ask the right questions to the parties involved. This will help you to understand and explain your own risks and exposure, and allow you to discuss issues surrounding allocation of risks and the legal relationships with your superiors, P&I club or legal counsel.

Course certification

Participants will be given an option of taking a final assessment (one-hour open-book test) at the end of the course, and Certificate of Achievement will be issued with a grade (distinction, merit or pass). Those not taking the assessment will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Course materials

BIMCO issues electronic course files as an Adobe PDF file enabling you to make personal notes. All documentation and presentations will be in English. Course access details will be provided once the registration is completed. 

You will also receive access to BIMCO's eLearning module on "Voyage Chartering".


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