The Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy


In response to growing concerns and increasing attacks in the region, a taskforce of stakeholders from across the shipping industry drafted the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy. The declaration has been signed by organisations across the maritime industry including flag state administrations, ship owners, charterers, and shipping associations. View the full list of signatories below.

Every person deserves to be safe while carrying out their work, and to be able to return to their homes without being victims of violent crime. Seafarers deserve no less.

The piracy problem in the Gulf of Guinea has developed into a curse for seafarers over the past decade. In 2021, the threat that looms for all seafarers going to the region is being kidnapped at gunpoint for ransom. While overall numbers of pirate attacks are largely unchanged the violence, scope, and sophistication of the attacks on shipping has continued to increase and today take place across an area of more than 200 nautical miles from the pirate bases that are principally located within the Niger Delta.

The situation is unacceptable for five reasons:

1. The human toll is unacceptably high for seafarer victims either directly affected by attacks, eg through kidnapping, psychological trauma, or death, as well as indirectly affected by periods of stress because of the constant threat.

2. The attacks are preventable taking place in a relatively small area (less than one fifth the size of the area affected by Somali piracy in 2010). An active naval force with very few assets conducting effective law enforcement could deter and suppress piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.

3. Stakeholders in the region – including individual consumers, governments, and businesses – pay increased costs for shipments due to the increased cost of security for visiting merchant ships.

4. Continued reliance on locally sourced commercial protection services that are under the control of the coastal States undermines incentives to carry out effective law enforcement and therefore is not a model that will genuinely repress the actions of the pirates in the region.

5. The poor security situation impedes regional economic growth because it puts off investments in the ocean-based economy whereby a significant contribution to the regional economies is forfeited.

Download the declaration and signatories as a PDF

To become a signatory to the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy, please complete the form here and return to . 


We, the signatories to the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy, demand that no seafarer should face the grave risks of kidnapping and violence when transporting cargo, supporting the offshore sector, or fishing in the Gulf of Guinea.

We recognise the important steps taken and positive initiatives underway by coastal States in the region. We call on all stakeholders eg coastal and flag States, shipowners, charterers, maritime organisations, importers and exporters, oil, and mining companies, offshore operators, fishers, supranational organisations, labour unions and NGOs, to sign this pledge and join together in a coalition to end the threat of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea through:

  • Tangibly supporting antipiracy law enforcement (as mandated by international law including international treaties, eg the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea) by non-regional naval forces providing a capable incident response capability to complement regional coastal States’ antipiracy law enforcement operations;
  • Enhancing regional capacity building with priority given to those coastal States which demonstrate the will to participate actively in law enforcement at sea;
  • Encouraging non-regional navies to work actively together with each other and the Gulf of Guinea coastal States’ antipiracy law enforcement forces and agencies to supress the pirate threat;
  • Supporting the deployment of law enforcement staff from regional coastal States on non-regional navy ships for capacity building purposes and to assist in the arrest and prosecution of pirates;
  • Facilitating the implementation of effective shipboard defensive measures within the region, including via the BMP West Africa guidance and through other onboard active and passive protective measures;
  • Improving domain awareness (eg via radars on offshore platforms) and sharing of relevant information between antipiracy law enforcement forces and agencies;
  • Increasing effective law enforcement activity ashore to disrupt the underlying criminal enterprises where they are based;
  • Providing prison facilities for arrested pirates (ideally in the region), and encouraging coastal States in the Gulf of Guinea to actively prosecute;
  • Working towards improving the transparency between law enforcement agencies, military forces, and protection services; and
  • Actively conveying the messages above to relevant stakeholders.

We firmly believe that piracy and attempts at kidnapping are preventable; as a minimum we need to see, by the end of 2023, that:

  • The number of attacks by pirates should be reduced from current levels by at least 80%; and
  • No seafarers should have been kidnapped from a ship in the preceding 12-month period.

List of signatories of the Gulf of Guinea Declaration

Updated 26 November 2021

1 A.P. Moller-Maersk, Denmark
2 Abu Dhabi Ports, UAE
3 Acta Marine, The Netherlands
4 Addax Energy SA, Switzerland
5 AF Legal Law Firm, Senegal
6 Africa Express Line Ltd, United Kingdom
7 Akmar Shipping And Trading SA, Turkey
8 Alandia Försäkring Abp, Finland
9 Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd, Greece
10 Alkships, Turkey
11 Alliance of Friendship Sea (AFS Marine)
12 Almi Marine Management SA, Greece
13 Almi Tankers SA, Greece
14 Alpina Chartering ApS, Denmark
15 Altamar Panama SA, Panama
16 Ambra Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus
17 Amoretti Armatori Group, Italy
18 Anglo Ardmore Ship Management Ltd, Hong Kong China
19 Anglo-Eastern Univan Group, Hong Kong China
20 Angora Shipping & Trading, Turkey
21 Anisfer Line Spa, Algeria
22 Anuket Shipping Holding Ltd, Malta
23 Apollo Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore
24 Ardmore Shipping Services Ltd, Ireland
25 Arkas Shipping and Transport SA, Turkey
26 Armateurs de France, France
27 Armona Denizcilik AŞ, Turkey
28 ARX Mouldings, United Kingdom
29 Asian Shipowners' Association, Singapore
30 Asiatic Lloyd Maritime LLP, Singapore
31 Asociación de Grandes Atuneros Congeladores (AGAC) / Organización de Productores de Grandes Atuneros Congeladores (OPAGAC), Spain
32 Assarmatori, Italy
33 Associação Brasileira dos Armadores de Cabotagem, Brazil
34 Association Francaise des Captaines de Navires (AFCAN), France
35 Association of German Shipmasters and Ship Officers (Verband Deutscher Kapitäne und Schiffsoffiziere), Germany
36 Association of Masters and Chief Engineers in Maritime Transport of Republic of Slovenia (ZPU), Slovenia
37 Association of Ship Brokers & Agents (USA) Inc, USA
38 Associazione di Consulenza in Diritto del Mare (ASCOMARE), Italy
39 Assuranceforeningen Skuld (Gjensidig), Norway
40 Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd, Greece
41 Atlantic Lloyd GmbH & Co KG, Germany
42 Augusta Due Srl, Italy
43 Augustea Group SpA, Italy
44 Auspoint Limited, Nigeria
45 Austral Asia Line Pte Ltd (AAL), Singapore
46 Bambini SpA, Italy
47 Bayraktar Shipping Group, Turkey
48 Belships ASA, Oslo, Norway
49 Beneprojecti Nigeria Limited, Nigeria
50 Bernhard Schulte GmbH & Co KG, Germany
51 Beykim Petrolculuk Gemi Islt San Ve Tic AS, Turkey
52 BG Shipping Company Ltd, Hong Kong China
54 Black Sea Law Company
55 Bloomfield LP, Nigeria
56 BOCS Bremen Overseas Chartering and Shipping GmbH, Germany
57 Boeckmans België nv, Belgium
58 Borealis Maritime Ltd, United Kingdom
59 BREB GmbH & Co KG, Germany
60 BS Global Seafarer Recruitment Ltd, Ukraine
61 BSM Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, Germany
62 BTS Tankers Pte Ltd, Singapore
63 Bulgarian Association of Shipbrokers and Agents (BASBA), Bulgaria
64 Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping, Bulgaria
65 Burtrans Denizcilik Ve Ticaret Ltd, Turkey
66 BW Epic Kosan, Singapore
67 BW Group, Singapore
68 BW LPG, Singapore
69 C Transport Maritime SAM, Monaco
70 Canfornav Inc, Canada
71 Capa Shipping, Turkey
72 Capital Gas Shipmanagement Corp., Greece
73 Capital Ship Management Corp., Greece
74 Capital-Executive Ship Management Corp., Greece
75 Caravel Shipping Limited
76 Carbofin S.p.A., Italy
77 Carl Büttner GmbH & Co KG, Germany
78 Carl Büttner Shipmanagement GmbH, Germany
79 Caronte & Tourist S.p.A., Italy
80 Carsten Rehder Schiffsmakler und Reederei GmbH & Co KG, Germany
81 Cem Denizcilik San. Ve Tic. AS, Turkey
82 Cenker Shipping, Turkey
83 Centro de Navegación Argentina, Argentine
84 Centro interdipartimentale di Ricerca sull'Adriatico e il Mediterraneo (CiRAM), Italy
85 Chandris (Hellas) Inc, Greece
86 Charterwell Maritime SA, Greece
87 China Merchants Energy Shipping Co Ltd, China
88 China Shipowners’ Association, China
89 Christiania Shipping A/S, Denmark
90 Chung Yang Shipping Co Ltd, Republic of Korea
91 Clipper Bulk A/S, Denmark
92 CMA CGM, France
93 Coeclerici SpA, Italy
94 Columbia Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus
95 Common Progress Co Na Sa, Greece
96 Confederation of Croatian Shipmaster’s Associations
97 Confederation of European ShipMasters' Associations (CESMA), The Netherlands
98 CONFITARMA, Confederazione Italiana Armatori, Italy
99 Container Ship Safety Forum
100 Contships Management Inc, Greece
101 Corral Line ApS, Denmark
102 COSCO Shipping (Hong Kong), Hong Kong China
103 COSCO Shipping Bulk Co Ltd, China
104 COSCO Shipping Lines, China
105 COSCO Shipping Specialized Carrier Co Ltd, China
106 COSCO WALLEM Ship Management Co Ltd, Hong Kong China
107 Cosiarma SpA, Italy
108 Cotemar SA de CV, Mexico
109 Creed & Brooks Partners, Nigeria
110 Crowley Maritime Corporation, USA
111 Crystal Pool Ship Management Srl, Italy
112 Cyprus Shipping Association, Cyprus
113 Cyprus Shipping Chamber, Cyprus
114 Dalmare SpA, Italy
115 Dampskibselskabet NORDEN A/S, Denmark
116 Danish Shipping, Denmark
117 De Poli Tankers Holding BV, The Netherlands
118 Dee4 Capital Partners ApS, Denmark
119 DEME Group nv, Belgium
120 Denholm Group, United Kingdom
121 Densa Tanker Isletmeciligi Ltd Sirketi, Turkey
122 DFDS A/S, Denmark
123 DG Risk Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom
124 DHT Holdings Inc, Bermuda
125 DMV Shipping Ltd, Turkey
126 DNK - The Norwegian Shipowners' Mutual War Risks Insurance Association, Norway
127 Donnelly Tanker, Cyprus
128 Dryad Global, United Kingdom
129 Dutch Seamaster Association (NVKK), The Netherlands
130 Eagle Bulk, USA
131 Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd, Greece
132 EBE nv, Belgium
133 Efemay Shipping Co, Turkey
134 Ekmen Denizcilik Ve Tic Ltd STI, Turkey
135 Emarat Maritime LLC, Dubai UAE
136 Empros Lines Shipping Company, Greece
137 Enesel Ltd, Cyprus
138 Enterprises Shipping & Trading SA, Greece
139 Ernst Russ Maritime Management GmbH, Germany
140 Ersagun Denizcilik Turizm Tic ve San Ltd Sti, Turkey
141 Ership, Spain
142 ESC Global Security, Estonia
143 Esenyel Partners Lawyers & Consultants, Turkey
144 Eurobulk Ltd, Greece
145 Eurodry Ltd, Greece
146 European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA)
147 Euroseas Ltd, Greece
148 Everblacks Towage -Servicos Maritimos Ltd, Portugal
149 Excelerate Energy LP, USA
150 Eze Denizcilik Ve Tic Ltd Stý, Turkey
151 FCN Management Inc, Greece
152 Federation of ASEAN Shipowners’ Associations, Singapore
153 Femco Management Ltd, Russia
154 Filipino Shipowners Association, Philippines
155 Finnish Shipowners' Association, Finland
156 Fleet Management Ltd, Hong Kong China
158 Fortuna Seaside Bulk Carriers A/S, Denmark
159 Franco Compania Naviera SA, Greece
160 Franco Española Maritima sl (FEM), Spain
161 Franman SA, Greece
162 Fratelli d'Amico Armatori, Italy
163 GasChem Services GmbH & Co KG, Germany
164 GCS Maritime Agency, Togo
165 Genavir, France
166 General Shipping Agencies (Pvt) Ltd, Pakistan
167 German Marine Agencies, Inc, Phillipines
168 German Nautical Association founded 1868, Germany
169 German Shipowners Association – VDR, Germany
170 German Shipowners' Defence Association - SDR, Germany
171 Gestioni Armatoriali Srl, Italy
172 Gleamray Maritime Inc, Greece
173 Global Marine Service Co Ltd, Turkey
174 GOG Marine Ltd, Nigeria
175 Golden Port Shipmanagement Ltd, Greece
176 Grimaldi Group, Italy
177 Gruppo Grendi, Italy
178 GruppoTransportacion Maritima Mexicana, Mexico
179 Guardian Maritime Limited
180 H Kalkavan Shipping, Turkey
181 Hafnia, Singapore
182 Hanseatic Unity Chartering (HU) GmbH & Co KG, Germany
183 Hapag-Lloyd, Germany
184 Hardy Corporation, Republic of Korea
185 Harper Petersen, Germany
186 Hellenic Mutual War Risks Association (Bermuda) Ltd
187 Histria Shipmanagement SRL, Romania
188 Höegh LNG Holdings Ltd, Norway
189 Holman Fenwick Willan LLP, United Kingdom
190 Hong Kong Shipowners Association, Hong Kong China
191 Indian National Shipowners’ Association, India
192 Indian Register of Shipping, India
193 InterManager
194 International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)
195 International Federation of Shipmasters Associations (IFSMA)
196 International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)
197 International Maritime Employers' Council Ltd, United Kingdom
198 International Seaways, Inc, USA
199 International Shipbrokers Inc, Greece
200 International Ship-Owners Alliance Canada (ISAC), Canada
201 International Transport Workers’ Federation
202 INTERSCAN Schiffahrtsgesellschaft GmbH, Germany
203 Intership Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus
204 Island Navigation Corporation International Limited
205 Istanbul 34 Ship Services and Shipping Agency, Turkey
206 J*S Maritime Partners (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
207 JB Nautic Safety BV, The Netherlands
208 Jevkon Oil & Gas Ltd, Nigeria
209 Jifmar Offshore Services, France
210 K Line Bulk Shipping (UK) Ltd, United Kingdom
211 Kaptanoglu Shipping Group of Companies, Turkey
212 KAST Shipmanagement SA, Greece
213 Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha Ltd, Japan
214 Kelebek Denizcilik Ve Ticaret Ltd, Turkey
215 KOTUG International BV, The Netherlands
216 Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS, Norway
217 K-Ships Srl, Italy
218 KTK Tugs, Curaçao
219 Kuwait Oil Tanker Company SAK, Kuwait
220 Kyklades Maritime Corporation, Greece
221 Landbridge Ship Management (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong China
222 Latvian Shipmasters Association (LSMA), Latvia
223 Lauritzen Bulkers A/S, Denmark
224 Lemissoler Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus
225 Leonhardt & Blumberg Shipmanagement GmbH & Co KG, Germany
226 Liberian Shipowners’ Council, Liberia
227 Lighthouse Navigation Pte Ltd, Singapore
228 Lomar Shipping, United Kingdom
229 Louis Dreyfus Armateurs, France
230 Loyal Shipping Co Ltd, Marshall Islands
231 Lubeca Marine Management GmbH & Co KG, Germany
232 Lundqvist Rederierna, Finland
233 Maersk Drilling A/S, Denmark
234 Maersk Supply Service, Denmark
235 Maersk Tankers A/S, Denmark
236 Mandarin Shipping Ltd, Hong Kong China
237 Marguisa Shipping Lines SLU, Spain
238 Marin Shipmanagement Ltd, Cyprus
239 Marine One Pvt Ltd, Sri Lanka
240 Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine, Ukraine
241 Marine Trust Ltd, Greece
242 Maritime Association of Shipowners and Agents, Turkey
243 Maritime Risk Services, Greece
244 MariTrace Ltd, United Kingdom
245 Marlow Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus
246 Marnavi SpA, Italy
247 Marti Denizcilik Ve Gemi Işletmeciliği AŞ, Turkey
248 Master Shipmanagement Ltd, The Netherlands
249 Mediterranea di Navigazione SpA, Italy
250 Meiji Shipping Co Ltd, Japan
251 Mental Health Support Solutions GmbH, Germany
252 Meryem Ana Deniz Ticaret Ltd Sti, Turkey
253 MF Shipping Group, The Netherlands
254 MH Bland Port Agency, Spain
255 Minerva Marine Inc, Greece
256 Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd, Japan
257 MOL Chemical Tankers, Singapore
258 Monjasa Group, Denmark
259 Montanmar SA, Spain
260 Morfini S.P.A., Italy
261 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, Switzerland
262 National Union of Seafarers of India, India
263 National University "Odessa Maritime Academy", Ukraine
264 Nautischer Verein Cuxhaven eV, Germany
265 Navarone SA, Greece
266 Navigazione Montanari, Italy
267 Navios Shipmanagement Inc, Greece
268 Neverland Shipping Srl, Italy
269 NICO Maritime Security Solutions Ltd, Nigeria
270 Norbulk Shipping UK LTD, United Kingdom
271 NORDEN SYNERGY Ship Management A/S, Denmark
272 Nordic Shipholding A/S, Denmark
273 Nordisk Defence Club, Norway
274 Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Norway
275 NSB Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG, Germany
276 Nyala Shipping SA, Switzerland
277 NYK Line, Japan
278 OBT Shipping Group, Dubai UAE
279 Ocean Giant Security Services Ltd (OGSS), Nigeria
280 Ocean Network Express Pte.Ltd (ONE)
281 Ocean7 Projects ApS, Denmark
282 Oceangold Tankers Inc, Greece
283 Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co KG, Germany
284 Olympic Vision Maritime Co Inc, Greece
285 Omni Corporate Solutions Inc, USA
286 Omni Sigorta ve Reasurans Brokerlik Hizmetleri Ltd Sti., Turkey
287 One Shipbrokers BV, The Netherlands
288 Orange Security Co Ltd, Republic of Korea
289 Oras Denizcilik ve Ticaret Ltd Şti., Turkey
290 Orient Overseas Container Line, Hong Kong China
291 Oskar Wehr KG (GmbH & Co), Germany
292 Ottavio Novella SpA, Italy
293 Pacific Basin Shipping (HK) Ltd, Hong Kong China
294 Panama Maritime Authority, Panama
295 Pantheon Tankers Management Ltd, Greece
296 Pasifik Lojistik Grubu Ve Denizcilik AS, Turkey
297 PB Tankers SpA, Italy
298 Pearl Naval Group, Turkey
299 Performance Shipping Inc, Greece
300 Perseveranza Spa Di Navigazione, Italy
301 Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG, Germany
302 Petrochem General Management S.A, Greece
303 PMH: Nautic Africa/Veecraft Marine, RSA
304 Portuguese Shipping Agents Association (AGEPOR), Portugal
305 Posidonia Shipping & Trading Ltda., Brazil
306 Protection Vessels International Ltd, United Kingdom
307 PSTV Energy DMCC, Dubai UAE
308 PT Asian Bulk Logistics, Indonesia
309 Queensway Navigation Co Ltd, Greece
310 Queensway Services Ltd, Georgia
311 Ranmarine Denizcilik Ltd, Turkey
312 Reederei F. Laeisz GmbH, Germany
313 Reliance Bulk Carriers LLC, USA
314 Rightship, United Kingdom
315 Rimorchiatori Riuniti Group, Italy
316 RINA SpA., Italy
317 Riverlake Shipping S.A, Switzerland
318 Royal Association of Netherlands Shipowners (KVNR), The Netherlands
319 Royal Belgian Ship Owners Association, Belgium
320 S4M Group of Companies, The Netherlands
321 S4M Shipping BV, The Netherlands
323 Sailors' Society, United Kingdom
324 Samba Shipping, Brazil
325 Samos Steamship Co, Greece
326 Sanmar Shipping Ltd, India
327 SDTR Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore
328 Sea Guardian SG Ltd, Greece
329 Sea Partners Navigation Ltd, Cyprus
330 Sea Trade Holdings, USA
331 Sea Traders SA, Greece
332 Seacon Ships Management Co Ltd, China
333 Seafarers Union of Russia, Russia
334 Seagull Maritime, United Kingdom
335 Seamar Management SA, Greece
336 Seaspan Ship Management Ltd, Canada
337 Seastar Chartering Ltd, Greece
338 Seastar Shipmanagement Ltd, Greece
339 Seatrade Groningen BV, The Netherlands
340 Seatrade Groningen BV, The Netherlands
341 Semih Sohtorik Management and Agency Inc, Turkey
342 Shamrock Maritime SARL, Monaco
343 Shi.E.L.D Services srl, Italy
344 Ships & Ports Communication Company, Nigeria
345 Silver Lake Shipping Company S.A, Greece
346 Simatech Shipping LLC, Dubai UAE
347 Singapore Shipping Association, Singapore
348 Sirius Ship Management Srl, Italy
349 Società Armatoriale Italiana Srl, Italy
350 Sovereign Global Solutions Middle East LLC, Dubai UAE
351 Spanish Association of Ship Agents, ASECOB, Spain
352 Spanish Shipowners association (ANAVA), Spain
353 SPI Marine, United Kingdom
354 Spliethoff Transport BV, The Netherlands
355 Spring Marine Bulk SA, Greece
356 Springfield Shipping Co Panama SA, Greece
357 Staal Shipping Inc, Greece
358 Star Bulk, Greece
359 Statu Shipping, Turkey
360 Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association (Europe) Ltd
361 Steamship Mutual Underwriting Association Ltd
362 Stella Maris International Network, Vatican City
363 Stolt Tankers BV, The Netherlands
364 Stronghold Seccuracy - Services, Lda, Portugal
365 Subsea 7 International Contracting Limited, United Kingdom
366 Sude Denizcilik, Turkey
367 Supermaritime Agency Group, The Netherlands
368 Swedish Shipowners´ Association, Sweden
369 Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd, Singapore
370 Swiss Shipowners Association, Switzerland
371 Swiss Trading and Shipping Association (STSA), Switzerland
372 Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co Limited, Hong Kong China
373 Taino Shipping & Trading Ltd, Greece
374 Tankerska plovidba dd, Croatia
375 Tatham & Co, United Kingdom
376 Tayf Shipping & Transportation Industry Co Ltd, Turkey
377 Technomar Shipping Inc, Greece
378 The Bahamas Shipowners Association, Bahamas
379 The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Europe UK Branch, United Kingdom
380 The Chamber of Shipping of America, USA
381 The Great Eastern Shipping Co Ltd, India
382 The Hadley Shipping Co Ltd, United Kingdom
383 The International Seafarers Welfare Assistance Network (ISWAN), United Kingdom
384 The Liberian Registry
385 The Nautical Institute of Ukraine
386 The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (Cefor)
387 The Republic of the Marshall Islands Maritime Administrator
388 The Swedish Club, Sweden
389 The United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Association Ltd
390 The World Economic Forum
391 Thenamaris LNG Inc, Greece
392 Thomas Miller Holdings Ltd, United Kingdom
393 Thomas Miller P&I Ltd, United Kingdom
394 Thoresen Shipping, Singapore
395 Tidewater Inc, USA
396 TMS Tankers Ltd, Greece
397 Tomini Shipping Ltd MI, Denmark
398 TORM A/S, Denmark
399 TPG Agency, Slovenia
400 Transgas Shipping Lines, Peru
401 Transpetrol Maritime Services Ltd, Belgium
402 Transship Bulk, Ukraine
403 Tsakos Shipping and Trading SA, Greece
404 Tufton, Cyprus
405 TÜRK P ve I Sigorta AS, Turkey
406 Turkish Chamber of Shipping, Turkey
407 Turkish Shipowner's Association, Turkey
408 UK P&I Club NV, United Kingdom
409 Ultragas ApS, Denmark
410 U-Ming Marine Transport Corp, Taiwan, Province of China
411 Uni-Asia Shipping Ltd, Hong Kong, China
412 Unicargo Transportges mbH, Germany
413 Unimarin Denizcilik San. ve Tic. Ltd Sti, Turkey
414 Union of Greek Shipowners, Greece
415 Uni-Tankers A/S, Denmark
416 Uniteam Marine Limited, Cyprus
417 United Heavy Lift GmbH, Germany
418 United Kingdom Mutual War Risks Association Limited, United Kingdom
419 United Marguisa Lines ApS, Denmark
420 V Ships (Germany) GmbH, Germany
421 V.Bulkers SA, Greece
422 V.Group, United Kingdom
423 Valles Steamship Co Ltd, Hong Kong China
424 Vantage Shipping Lines S.A, Greece
425 Victory Shipping Pte Ltd, Singapore
426 Voyonic Crew Management Group Limited, Guernsey
427 Vrontados SA, Greece
428 Vroon Group BV, The Netherlands
429 Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Holdings Ltd, Hong Kong China
430 Wallem Group, Hong Kong China
431 Wallenius Marine AB, Sweden
432 Weco Shipping A/S, Denmark
433 WeShips Denizcilik ve TİC. AŞ, Turkey
434 Westlink Logistics Pty Ltd, Singapore
435 Wijnne & Barends' cargadoors- en agentuurkantoren B.V., The Netherlands
436 Wilhelmsen Ships Service, France
437 Winning Shipping Singapore, Singapore
438 Wisby Shipmanagement AB, Sweden
439 World Fuel Services Corporation, USA
440 World Shipping Council (WSC)
441 York Overseas SA, Switzerland
442 Zeaborn Ship Management GmbH & Cie. KG, Germany
443 Zeyport Zeytinburnu Liman Isletmeleri AS, Turkey
444 Zhejiang Shipping Group Co Ltd, China
445 Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd, United Kingdom
446 ZPMC Offshore Service Group Co Ltd, China


Download the declaration and signatories as a PDF


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