• 1. Port tariffs

Port tariffs

At Aden it is not uncommon for vessels to be arrested and fined for alleged pollution incidents.

Garbage removal is compulsory
, however, forged invoices for garbage removal have been presented to vessels at Aden for the shipmaster's signature. To avoid such problems Masters are advised to co-ordinate via their agent prior to signing any invoice(s).

Fines for exceeding the time "allowed" for discharging
Vessels can be fined when exceeding the time "allowed" for discharging which is set by the port authorities according to the type of commodity and cargo gear/shore cranes. The fine is levied on the vessel at the rate of USD 0.50 per LOA per hour, Furthermore, should a vessel exceed the time allowed the authorities are empowered to have her moved from the berth.

As the berthing penalty is defined as a fine it is BIMCO's opinion that it is debatable whether it can be considered to be an ordinary part of the normal disbursements. The more so since the fine is imposed if laytime allowed is exceeded which, under F.I.O. terms would mean that if the charterers/receivers for some reason delay the vessel, then the owners would have to pay a fine on top of the excess port charges incurred because of the vessel's prolonged stay.

Port dues on deck cargoes
Ministry of Transport Circular dated 16 February 2008.

"Port dues to be imposed on deck cargoes, effective 1st March 2008

All ship agents in the port of Aden are hereby advised that port dues on deck cargoes will be collected from general cargo ships / bulk carriers calling at the port for loading / discharging cargo effective 1st Match, 2008. For the purpose of implementing this policy successfully, all ship agents are required to adhere to the following procedure:

  1. To include in the arrival notification of ships, forwarded to the port officer / harbour master, the weight and measurement of any deck cargo carried onboard.

  2. To notify masters of ships that they are required to insert, in the pilotage certificate, the weight and measurement of any deck cargo carried onboard which quantity must tally with the figures in the manifest and which must be confirmed by them by signing and stamping.

  3. A copy of the manifest concerning the deck cargo shall be handed over to the wharf department official who boards the vessel after berthing at the Malla wharf jetties.

  4. The port authority (YGAPC) reserves the right of appointing an official from its side for ascertaining the actual quantity of any deck cargo carried onboard.

For the purpose of the requirements of this circular, dues will be assessed to include port dues, light dues, pilotage and berthing charges."

Aden Refinery Company
introduced advance payment of disbursements effective 17 June 2002
The marine department raises approximate D/A to the concerned agent in respect of their vessel's forthcoming call. The agent will deposit the stipulated proforma D/A amount in cash or by a cheque in favour of Aden Refinery Co.

Vessels will not be allowed to berth if agent fails to pay D/A prior to ship arrival.

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