• 2. Safety Regulations and Inspections

Safety Regulations and Inspections

- With zero theft, the Port of Virginia has the lowest pilferage rate on the US East Coast.


- The Port of Virginia is one of the few US Customs’ ports that uses a computerized, truck-mounted gamma-ray machine to check containers’ density to ensure that the cargo inside is what it is supposed to be, taking only 6 seconds per container.


- Heightened security since 9/11/2001, includes: VPA police patrols, ID checks, inspection of all empty containers, ship crews confined to vessel, and restricted zones at marine berths.


- Display of an identification card, visible at all times.


- Firearms restricted to police and other approved persons.


- Perimeter fencing with reinforcement with barriers to enclose wheeled operations.


- Intrusion alarms on the perimeter.


- Parking of POVs outside or far from operational areas.


- Closed circuit television systems are used for surveillance and record all images of container vehicle numbers entering and leaving the facility.


- All individuals employed in the seaport who have access to restricted or secure area have been subject to background and criminal record checks.


- Container monitoring at the crane.


- Container cargo monitoring at the truck and rail check points.


- Isotope identifier.


- Vehicles are no longer waved through the gate on the basis of a terminal bumper sticker.


- Empty inbound containers are searched.


- Delivery trucks are searched.


- POVs are randomly searched.


- Portal scans containers as they enter or leave the facility checking for radiation.

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