The PORTS program for calculating max draught is in use at the port.
Vertical clearances: Walt Whitman fixed suspension bridge with a vertical clearance of 46m at the centre and 42m at the sides, spans the river at Greenwich Point, 0.7nm NNE of Greenwich Coal Pier.
Benjamin Franklin fixed suspension bridge, with a vertical clearance of 41m at the centre and 39m at the sides, spans the river 2.3nm N of Greenwich Point.
Conrail Lift Bridge, with a vertical clearance of 15m when closed and 41m when open, spans Delaware River close SW of Fisher Point.

North Atlantic right whales: From1st November to 30th April a Seasonal Management Area is established at the entrance to Delaware Bay. A maximum speed restriction of 10kts is imposed in this vicinity during this period to reduce the danger of ship strikes on North Atlantic right whales.

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