The port comprises the Outer Harbour with seven berths and the Inner Harbour, extending upstream along the Ashtabula River for 0.9 miles with ten berths on the river banks.

Outer Harbour facilities are located along three slips E of the river mouth. The Minnesota Slip and Slip no. 1 and no. 2.

Ore Docks facilities are situated along Minnesota Slip at dock no. 1 (E) and no. 2 (W). A berthing space of 366 m length and 8.2 m (27') depth alongside is provided for the receipt of iron ore.

Bulk and General Cargo Docks are located E of Minnesota Slip, along Slip no. 1 and Slip no. 2. Each of the four docks of the two slips has a berthing face of 610 m and a depth alongside of 8.2 m (27').

Docks nos. 1, 2 and 3 receive bulk materials from self-unloading vessels.

Dock no. 4 handles general cargo and bulk material.

Inner Harbour is dredged to a depth of 8.5 m (28') for 610 m from the river mouth, and to 5.5 m (18') upstream to the upper ferry slip.

Coal Dock is located on the E bank near the entrance, at Dock no. 10. It has a berthing face of 366 m and 8.2 m (27') alongside.

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