Weather and Sea conditions

Tides and Currents

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Mean tidal range is 0.4 m (1'03'') at the lower end of the bay and 0.5 m (1'09'') at Tampa.

Spring range is 0.5 m (1'09'') at the lower end of the bay and 0.7 m (2'03'') at Tampa; however, strong winds have considerable influence on the tide.

A strong off-shore wind (N winds occur in the winter) may lower the water level in the bay by about 1 m (3'-4') and retard the time of HW by as much as 3 hours. Continued strong SW wind may raise the water level by nearly the same amount and advance the time of HW by up to 1 hour.

In Egmont Channel the ebb tide may attain a velocity of 3 knots and the flood tide up to some 2 knots. The ebb tide sets NW and the flood tide sets SE across the bar.

Wind and Sea

The prevailing winds are from the E. On the average there are 91 days with thunder showers, occurring mostly in the late afternoons from June to September.

The risk of hurricanes moving in from the Gulf of Mexico is generally greatest in June and October.

Fog occurs frequently at night during the cool weather season with an average of 25 days of heavy fog each year.

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